n this first episode of a two-part series, Teresa talks to Garry Ingraham, board member of the Restored Hope Network and founder of the Love & Truth Network.  They discuss these organizations and Garry’s struggle with homosexual attraction.

  • What are the Restored Hope Network and Love & Truth Network?    [00:37]
  • How did Garry come to be involved with the Restored Hope Network?    [01:55]
  • How should someone who is involved in an alternative lifestyle be approached?   [03:29]
  • How should a Christian respond to these issues, especially within the context of laws that are being proposed?   [10:53]
  • Garry discusses his struggle with homosexual attraction.   [17:05]
  • At what point did Garry take steps to deal with his homosexual attraction?   [24:27]
  • Did Garry’s parents know about his struggle growing up?    [30:09]
  • How did God get Garry’s attention?   [33:07]
  • What was the lyric that stuck with Garry?    [36:36]
  • After Garry’s surrender to God, did He begin to work on the events of Garry’s past?  [37:43]
  • What would Garry say to a listener who is involved in an alternative lifestyle?   [43:36]
  • Garry gives a few closing thoughts about help and support through the church.    [50:59]





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