This is the second part of a two-part series. Teresa talks to Garry Ingraham, board member of the Restored Hope Network and founder of the Love & Truth Network.  They discuss pornography addiction and church  leadership.

  • Garry talks about his experience with Soul Care and how it lead him to dealing with sexual wholeness    [01:00]
  • Church is not dealing with sexual wholeness well.    [01:40]
  • What is our responsibility to this problem?   [02:51]
  • How do we do what the Bible says about sex?  [03:25]
  • Results of practicing sex outside of Biblical realm.   [04:50]
  • What does God command for sex?   [05:33]
  • How is society handling sex?   [06:22]
  • Why are orgasms important?    [06:16]
  • Sex robots/dolls?!   [06:54]
  • How to navigate in a world full of sexual images?    [07:30]
  • Band of Brothers/Sisters  []
  • Counseling [13:45]”]
  • Sexual sin in leadership [15:00]”]
  • Why church leaders get caught in sexual sin [17:00]”]
  • Pattern of pornography addiction [18:10]”]
  • What to do to break pattern [18:46]”]
  • How does the church deal with this issue? [23:05]”]
  • Give God everything, all parts of our life [31:30]”]
  • What is grace really? [33:30]”]
  • The first step in dealing with sin [34:39]”]




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