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In this episode of Unresolved Life Podcast, Teresa talks with Reina Rose about how holidays turn into the days of mourning for some people?

And share their own experiences about how they overcame trauma and grief.



What to listen for :

  • How to encounter trauma?
  • Expressing your grief
  • Challenging life’s most difficult questions


Listen in now!


Conversation highlights:

  • 02:01 – He is gone……


  • 06:14 – Those holidays took away both of her parents.


  • 08:10 – Encountering the grief for the first time!


  • 16:53 – Side effects of Trauma


  • 19:34 – Helping ourselves to ease the load.


  • 25:28 – SIN TASTES GOOD!



Remarkable quotes:

“His that made me felt that I had died too.”


“The church is full of imperfect people following a perfect God.”


“Jesus came for the sick not for the healthy.”


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