digital mind scape

The syringe sits gleaming, beckoning

Filled with thoughts of escape

To a land far away

Never mind the hook behind the intrigue

Or the challenge ever increasing

Just be one with the story.

Come, claim your place, its free.

I plunged it deep into my veins

A roguish grin forming as I’m carried away

To this land far away.

My blood racing with the thought,

of another kill, another hunt, another chase.

Going farther than I want to go,

Keeping me longer than I want to stay.

Taking more than I have to give,

The reward, in this you will live.

Yet each day I die a little,

Craving another dose, another thrill.

Rip the needle from my flesh,

Taste the bile of regret,

Crushed remains beneath my boot,

This day, I choose,

To find release,

Refuse to be enslaved,

I will be free.

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