Passover Applications for the Believer in The Messiah: Cup 3–Cup of Redemption

This video discusses the 3rd cup of the Passover Seder, The Cup of Redemption. The Bride-to-be has been chosen, the price for her has been paid, and now it is deciding time. With the Children of Israel, they were free, but they still had to decide to go. Did they want to go into the unknown–into the desert–with Elohim, or stay in what they knew? For us, do we want to go into the unknown with this Bridegroom, or stay in what we know? The price has been paid.

It is now our turn to decide. In ancient Jewish Wedding proposals, it is now time for the potential Bride to make the decision. Will we accept the proposal? He waits for our answer.

Blessings to you, fellow Bride. Oh, how He loves us.

Shabbat Shalom,


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