We all want to be approved by others for what we do, what we say, and a thousand other criteria. We want people to like us and to tell us we are going good, by one standard or another. We want people to tell us that we look good, are good at what we do, that we have a compassionate heart, or that we have a sharp mind. Who doesn’t like getting credit for what they do and who they are?

If we’re honest, we want God’s approval too, especially if we have been hurt or disappointed by others. The song “I am Acceptable” deals with that longing, and leads us to understand this one fact: the gospel makes approval by God possible. To be clear, that doesn’t mean he approves of everything we do. When we sin, He doesn’t like it at all. God hates sin, but He loves sinners and provides a way for them to be forgiven. With that in mind, let’s look at this song.

Vs. 1: “The kids at school made fun of me when I was just a lad. They laughed at me and called me names and acted really bad. They said that I was not too cool, that I did not fit in. But then I met King Jesus, and found my worth in Him.”

Chorus: I am acceptable in Christ. I am acceptable in Him. Thou I may not always live it, still the Bible tells me so. I am acceptable in Him.

Vs. 2: As I grew up I found out soon my confidence was gone. I could not find the courage or strength to carry on. While others were successful, it seemed that I had none. Until I met the Savior, and He made me His own.

Chorus: So I am confident in Christ. Yes I am confident in Him. Though I may not always feel it, still I know His hand is sure. So I am confident in Him.

Vs. 3: When I accepted Jesus, my sins were paid in full. Even though I mess up still, His blood still bought my soul. I cannot change my status now. I stand complete in Him. I know I’m bound for Heaven, and am forgiven of my sin.

Chorus: I am forgiven in Christ. Yes, I’m forgiven in Him. Though my heart may say I’m guilty, still Christ’s blood has bought my soul. I am forgiven in Him.

Vs. 4: You’d think that when God sees me, He see a sinner true. He knows that I’m not perfect. Well, hey neither are you. His grace is so amazing. I cannot understand, how God could look through Jesus and see a clean pure man.

Chorus: Still I look clean to God in Christ. Yes I look clean to God in Him. For God looks straight through the blood of Him who died to save my soul, so I look clean to God in Him.”

Have you asked God to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart? If you haven’t turned to Him for eternal life, you can today. Where are you with Jesus?Have you given your heart to Jesus and asked him to give His heart to you? If you have, you are forgiven and accepted in Him. Let Jesus have your heart and hurt.

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