A little humor to brighten your day – “Get in Shape” (senior style)

(a selection of quotes from “Over the Hill and On a Roll” by Bob Phillips. See if you can relate to any of these – I know I can!).

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boy laughing

“As you grow older, you will find it takes just about half as long to get tired and twice as long to get rested. The iron in your blood has turned to lead in the seat of your pants.”
“Show me a man with his head held high, and I will show you a man who is having trouble adjusting his bifocals.”
“They say that life begins at 4o – but so does lumbago, bad eyesight, arthritis, and the habit of telling the same story three times to the same person.”
“I’ve got to the age when I need my false teeth and my hearing aid before I can ask where I’ve left my glasses.” (Now that’s pretty bad!)
“My doctor said I look like a million dollars – green and wrinkled.”
“It’s hard to feel fit as a fiddle when you’re shaped like a cello.”
“If you’re pushing 50, that’s exercise enough.” (That would never do for Keisha, our fearless leader in the senior exercise class!
“She had her face lifted, but it turned out there was one just like it underneath.”
“You know you’re an adult when you’ve ceased to grow vertically, but not horizontally.”
(and finally) “I know she’s got her own teeth. I was with her when she bought them.”
Remember, kind readers, that you are dearly loved as you are in body, mind, and soul. I’m sure God laughs at the funny stuff we do sometimes as seniors.

God bless you all and give you lots of laughter!

(This post is dedicated to the honor and memory of my late brother-in-law, Dan, who was a gentle soul and who had a great sense of humor.)

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