8 What is video Game Addiction


• Can a person really play games for 12 hours straight? [03:25]

• Why are games so addictive? [03:44]

• How did Micheal get out of gaming addiction? [05:12]

• Why did Teresa start getting nightmares from games? [05:54]

• What causes a person to get connected to his character in a game? [06:21]

• Can a game be seen as a god? [07:03]

• What caused Teresa to lose faith in God at one point in her life? [09:34]

• What caused Teresa to become a game addict? [11:27]

• What steps did Micheal take to help her control the addiction? [12:04]

• What effect did the addiction have on her? [13:45]

• What effect did the addiction have on her husband? [15:12]

• When and how did Teresa let go off the gaming addiction? [16:42]

• Does Teresa still game now? [18:06]

• Teresa advice to persons who have gaming addiction. [18:28]

• How did Teresa mother die and what happened to her father? [18:53]

• Teresa’s advice to you guys on getting rid of addiction. [20:51]

• Micheal’s advice to persons with gaming addition. [21:34]

• How to handle addiction as the spouse of the person going through it. [22:36]

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