In this episode, Teresa talks to Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado.  They discuss hell, salvation, and the great sacrifice that Christ has made for each and every one of us.

  • Pastor Bryan gives a brief synopsis of his book Has American Christianity Failed?    [01:02]
  • Teresa and Pastor Bryan discuss the pope’s recent declaration regarding the existence of hell.    [01:53]
  • What would Pastor Bryan say to someone who asked how a loving God could send someone to hell?   [04:28]
  • How would Pastor Bryan explain evil in the world if all people have a conscience?  [08:12]
  • What would Pastor Bryan say to someone who says they have a conscience and therefore don’t need the Bible?   [10:36]
  • What about common law marriages?   [12:20]
  • Why do we still need the church if marriage exists legally outside of the church?   [12:44]
  • Are these ideas antiquated in today’s society?    [14:38]
  • What about someone who sees him or herself in what Pastor Bryan is saying but feels like they cannot come to God?   [19:00]
  • Does God’s forgiveness extend even to murderers?    [21:47]
  • How can someone who is not certain of their place in heaven accept what Christ is offering and be saved?  []




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