True Friends

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True Friends

“There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” – Pr. 18:24

For some of you, this writing will be troublesome, though it is meant to be encouraging. As with last week, I will be using a song as a springboard. I wrote “God is Not a Child Abuser” many years ago. Read on, and you will get the connection between the scripture and the song.

Here is the chorus:

“God is not a child abuser. He doesn’t send His children to Hell. When we’re His sheep, then we’re His sheep, and with our soul it is well.”

There are all kinds of abuse, and there are untold numbers of victims. Physical abuse, which is disgusting, is visible. Sexual and emotional abuse are not as visible, and a sense of false guilt and fear keeps the abuse bottled up inside. Lord help all of us who have been through such abuse to get it exposed to the light and dealt with. But here’s the point – the abuser is the guilty party, not the victim, and the abuser will never be your friend – a friend would not do such things.

And Jesus wants to be your friend. He really does. He wants to listen to you, care for you, love on you, spend time with you. What you have been through is not God’s fault. Why does He allow such things? None of us know. It is unresolved. But what is resolved is this: God is there with us in the trenches, in the pain. He understands, and He knows what to do to help, if you and I will let Him. Friends will stay with you through it all. Jesus is a friend that will help you.

Whatever your unresolved issue is – abuse, neglect, confusion, pain of body, mind, spirit, broken dreams, hopes, families, heart … whatever it is, Jesus loves you and is waiting for your call. It is possible for friends, family, or others to let us down, but Jesus never will.


Pastor John

About the author, John Day

John is a very blessed man who lives with his beautiful wife, Karen. He teaches private music lessons and she tutors math. We are both Christians, and want to share our creative gifts to minister to people in the name of Jesus. We have a ministry called Creative Hearts Ministries.

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