Its About Time


Take your time, just what’s the hurry?

Why do we always seem to just jump, fret, and worry.

The muscles are keyed up, adrenaline flowing.

We’ll get there quick, but just where are we going?

We rush through relationships, and ignore one another,

not knowing there’s a Friend that sticks closer than a brother.

He wants to come close, but sometimes we don’t let Him.

We have our own plans, Lord”, and we just don’t get Him.

In sickness and sorrow, in joy and in grief,

He opens His arms and says “Come unto me.”

About the author, John Day

John is a very blessed man who lives with his beautiful wife, Karen. He teaches private music lessons and she tutors math. We are both Christians, and want to share our creative gifts to minister to people in the name of Jesus. We have a ministry called Creative Hearts Ministries.

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