• Blood Remedy

    Infection, burrowing beneath the skin 

    a soulish disease, calling forth memories and flashbacks  no one wants to relive.

    Yet I know what’s [...]
  • State of the Union

    On this day we celebrate freedom ringing ever more

    we contemplate the cost of being  held in tyranny's scorn.

    A simple question was asked, [...]
  • The Enigma

    I am a mystery, an enigma,
    striving to live in the realm of the undefined.
    I am but dust carried away,
    upon the wings of eternity.
    Yet even in [...]
  • Pilate’s Plight

    "What is truth?"  asked Pilate perplexed

    As the author of truth stood before him.

    Yet when the nails were driven and the scourging [...]
  • Fast Food Media

    We’re happy and free, in our own greed,

    Too bad we can’t see the shallow pit waiting

    To take us in, Yet even when we’ve fallen,

    We are [...]
  • Desert Traipse

    There you were, always shifting

    Guess I always thought that you would be there.

    But I did not realize that you were slipping away,

    Not till I [...]
  • The triumph

    Gaze upon the horizon and see 
    the blackened chard ruins of long lost dreams.
    as inward realities of fears untold,
    Chills the blood while running [...]

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