I’m Not Ready for Christmas

m not ready for Christmas
for the glam and commercial gleam
for the smells of baking pumpkin pies
for the fake santa at the mall

I’m not ready for Christmas
for Carolers in the cold awaiting hot chocolate bliss
for candy canes and silver lanes aglow
For cold Egg Nog with just a touch of nutmeg

All this means nothing to me.
throw it out with all the used wrapping paper

Christmas is just a birthday without candles and flair
I’ll celebrate it in my own way

6 simple words

Happy Birthday Jesus  I love you

About the author, Michael Blaes

Michael has writing for over 20 years. After taking a creative writing class in college, he realized that God had given him the unique ability to communicate using poetry. He currently resides in New Mexico with his wife Teresa and his daughter Mandy. He is also the producer of the Unresolved Life Podcast

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