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Aloha, My Love

Aloha, breath of God,

My lips to your ear.

My heart, 

Rended but whole,

Broken but mended.

You’re gone,

And I must let go.

Four years, but yesterday.

Ever present though gone.  

A warm, strong hand

I can no longer touch,

But still feel.

A yearning that is at once

Painful and comfortable.

An empty space

I can’t fill. 

Torn from me, yet

Restored Home.

You are now on a journey

Without me.

I can no longer walk with you.

And I can no longer

Make peace with walking alone.

I need arms around me,

A hand at my back,

Someone to remind me

I’m enough,

Someone to fall into

When I’m worn down,

A safe place to land.

I want a partner,

A best friend, 

A protector.  

It’s not just what I’ve lost.

It’s what I miss.  

I have made peace

With losing you.

But if I let it go,

I have to face 

What I want and

The possibility that 

It can’t be mine again.

I love you.

I miss you.

I will see you again

When it is my time

To go Home. 


Now, it is time

To hold my face

To the sun,

Face what comes next, 

Let go of my fear,

And be open 

To my future here.

I will embrace

God’s next for me.

Aloha, my love.


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