Sharon Smaga

I am a widowed mom who loves and trusts Jesus to meet all her needs. I am a marriage & family therapist and life coach in private practice. This blog is not intended to be mental health advice or to replace mental health services.

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The Spin of Shame

“I am broken.  I am lost.  I am afraid.  I worry about money.  I wonder if I can ever truly find my joy again.  I feel unloveable, undesired.  I don’t have answers.  I am not enough.  My sons don’t need me, and I don’t have what they need.  I am a failure.  I don’t deserve…

Alone, Not Alone

In my grief it is easy to get lost in what others think, say and do.  I can imagine things they haven’t said, amplify and distort the words spoken, and my instinct is always to retreat.  Some things said are inappropriate, not just my imagination.  Again, my instinct is to retreat.  But then I feel…

Good Mourning

Good morning to you all.  God has been encouraging, challenging, and directing me to come out of hiding and begin to share myself with all of you.  I have resisted, hidden, made excuses, let my insecurities and fears drive me into the corner, and finally I stand in a place where I can no longer…