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Michael Blaes

Michael has writing for over 20 years. After taking a creative writing class in college, he realized that God had given him the unique ability to communicate using poetry. He currently resides in New Mexico with his wife Teresa and his daughter Mandy. He is also the producer of the Unresolved Life Podcast

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Posts by Michael Blaes

Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789

Where has our country gone?  This proclamation was made in 1789. And to think that people still miss the point that our country was founded on Christian Values.  Even in this time of Chaos, we have so much to be thankful for.  Take a few minutes and reflect on what God has done for you…

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Glued to the Screen

Glued to the screen by Michael Blaes Real Life getting boring? escape the doldrums enter another world filled with mystery and intrigue Where You can be anything an elf, a dwarf, or even an evil orc a knight, a thief even a mage Just ignore that open cage adventure till you’re hooked. now the door’s…

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The Potter and the Clay

Can the clay say to the potter, I want to be a sword when the potter needs a scythe Can the clay say to the potter, I want to be a glass when the potter needs a jar All the clay can say is make mold me into a vessel fit to be used He…

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Gossip; Don’t let it destroy your church

I hate gossip. It does nothing but destroy people. I’ve seen it first-hand and I hate it with a passion. Why? Becuase it destroys relationships and trust. I’ve literally seen it divide churches. I’ve had it affect me personally, causing Child Protective Service called on me, all because a judgemental elder who had no understanding…

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Salt and Light

There are a lot of people that will never consider darkening the door of Today’s churches. Why because they have been hurt by So called Christians who look down their nose and judge them for their appearance or their actions. We must not judge them. We cannot look at them with the “Christian” lens” They…

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