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John is a very blessed man who lives with his beautiful wife, Karen. He teaches private music lessons and she tutors math. We are both Christians, and want to share our creative gifts to minister to people in the name of Jesus. We have a ministry called Creative Hearts Ministries.

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Senior Struggle at Wendy’s

I went to Wendy’s and got two four for fours. Fortunately, my wonderful helper suggested “you might as well write it down.” That was a helpful suggestion. We also made it the same for both orders, so that helped too. That’s the easy part. Now for the confusion, the senior struggle. Wendy’s is on the…

Has the Grinch Stolen Your Christmas?

Has the Grinch Stolen Your Christmas? by Dr. Jeff Schreve Without a doubt, Christmas is to be a time of GREAT JOY. On that first Christmas night, the angel announced to the shepherds “good news of a great joy.” The Savior has come!! WOW!! Those shepherds were so excited. That announcement changed their lives forever.…

Laying Things Down

Laying Things Down I have a habit that drives me nuts, and causes me a lot of anxiety. At this moment, it is frustrating me and discouraging me. That is not helped by the fact that I have a headache. The habit I’m talking about, is laying things down and not being aware that I…


I want to take this opportunity to thank several people that have made, and continue to make, a difference in my life, and made this writing and this opportunity possible. First, I want to thank my wife, Karen, for supporting me in whatever ventures I feel God is leading me into, including my writing. She…

Talking to my Soul

Talking to My Soul Vs. 1 Sometimes I have to give myself instructions. I have to say things to my soul. I don’t want to head into destruction, so I listen to these words to make me whole. Chorus: “Rest in God alone, not your thoughts, not your phone. He is your rock and your…