Everyone is unresolved about something, whether it is a short term problem or concern or a long term crisis level problem that has lasted for way too long. Sometimes life is hard, and prayers go unanswered. That is the reality of what we go through sometimes.

But that is not the only reality there is. There is also people joining together to pray and prayers being answered. This is the reality that I want to focus on for this point. In the past four days, I have had at least four prayers answered.

The Bible study that my wife leads at the senior center had a disruptor for about six weeks. Eventually, he got disappointed that his plan was not going to succeed, so he left. This past Tuesday, the Bible study was great! There was lots of discussion, a sweet spirit, and a lot of lively learning going on!

A lifelong friend who had a biopsy on a growth which was on his thyroid good the good report he was looking for. The growth was benign! He was greatly relieved.

A friend on my website had an answered prayer for her daughter’s dental appointment, which went amazingly well and very uneventful. 

Finally, a friend who had a really long eye appointment found out, gratefully, that she does NOT have macular degeneration.

Sometimes prayers turn out differently than we expect, and sometimes the answer is even more amazing than we can ask, seek, or imagine. But in all cases, I want all who read this to know that God is faithful, and He absolutely will bring you through it all. God is faithful, and He is listening. 

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