29 Interview with Brian Fletcher

Teresa talks to Brian Fletcher, host of Gospel Changes Everything Podcast.  They discuss


  • Why the name Gospel Changes Everything?    [0:40]
  • Brian Fletcher’s story [01:00]
  • How the Ministry Young Life affected Brian.   [03:00]
  • Brian attended Covenant Theological Seminary [04:00]
  • Brian becomes a staff for Young Life.   [04:10]
  • Why seminary was important in Brian’s life?   []
  • Gospel of grace [04:43]
  • How to wrap our heads around this truth about grace?    [06:50]
  • How to deal with passages talk about works?   [08:45]
  • If God forgives all sins, then why be obedient?    [09:06]
  • Teresa mentions Tim Morrison from previous episode, Design Discovery.com  []
  • New heart, new desires, heart can be trusted [”11:03”]
  • Patterns we get stuck into in life. [”13:02”]
  • We are made to be in relationship with God [”13:28”]
  • How God talks to you [”15:08”]
  • How our relationship with God affects our relationship with others [”16:00”]
  • Forgiving self [”16:14”]
  • Rhythm of repentance and faith [”18:19”]
  • Accountability [”19:30”]
  • How Brian ended up in a podcast [”20:58”]
  • Brian’s closing thoughts [”23:06”]



Gospel Changes Everything Podcast

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