We are now discussing the 4th and final cup of the Passover Seder. This is the Cup of Praise. At this time, we praise Elohim for freeing us from our slavery, and giving us new life. It is also the cup that we will drink at the wedding supper of The Lamb.

With the Children of Israel, this was the time when they met with Elohim at The Mountain. Elohim gave the requirements for the Marriage Covenant between them, and the people said, “WE DO!”. This is a foreshadow of what our Wedding Day will be like, at the Wedding Supper of The Lamb–our Wedding Day with Him! Oh, the Celebration! No wonder it is called the “Cup of Praise!”

Here’s to New Life and freedom in Messiah Yeshua! Next year, we celebrate in New Jerusalem!

Be blessed, fellow Bride! Our Wedding Day draws near!

Shabbat Shalom,


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