Let Me Cover You

Recently, I’ve had many Siblings in the LORD, facing horrific suffering. These are truly issues in life, that no one should face. Yet, they are. It aches me, as their Sister in the LORD. We sit with them. We pray with them. We look to the Father for rescue, and He does not disappoint.

While praying for them, the Father stopped me, and had me write out words of love from Him. I did. They were words of love–of holding–of support–of faithfulness. If you are facing a difficult time, and longing for the Presence of the LORD, or just seeking ONE much stronger than you, He is near. Your Salvation (Yah’s Shua–Salvation–Yeshua) is near.

May you know The ONE Who holds you. May you know the ONE Who holds all you see. May you know The ONE Who offers us our only means of rescue–our only HOPE. He is near. Let Him cover you.

Shabbat Shalom,


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