Lifeline Safety Rope


Close to the edge of destruction. I felt my life was coming to a horrible close. Then just as I thought I was going under for the last time. I saw a lifeline safety rope begin to float toward me. I wondered if I would grab hold and like many other times, it would slip right through my hands. Filled with fear, doubt, and hopelessness I reached out and grabbed hold anyway.

This time something was different. I could feel life on the other end of that lifeline safety rope. As I felt myself begin to be pulled in the direction of hope and healing I prayed OH GOD please let this be you. As my head began to come up above the water I could feel the warmth of His Holy Spirit shining on my face and for the first time in a long time I was able to breathe.

I’m not quite sure how I got here, but here I am now standing safely on the shore. I can actually see a future before me now without the darkness overshadowing any real hope and peace.

Under the watchful eye of my protective rescuer, I am beginning now to walk out into a new and wonderful life.

lifeline safety rope

I’m not sure how it’s happening, but I’m being transformed along the way “as I go”. It’s like watching a diamond being carved from a stone. I see myself, this new creation stepping from the rubble. Pieces of the old man I was, are falling by the wayside and what is left is all that is beautiful and whole, sculpted by the Master.

The furnace of fire I was in somehow did not destroy me. I was turned in that fire and I was held inside as it burned I thought it would consume me. All the things that kept me captive were all that burned away. The real me; this new creation remained intact and survived the fire. I emerged pure and true and hardened to difficult times.

Things that once caused me great pain and struggle, I can now easily walk around and put behind me.

I understand now as I move through this land of victory that the one thing I can’t do is make it alone. I ask My Father God to keep me by His Holy Spirit every day and I surrender myself completely to him.

I see through different eyes now and I hear through different ears. Not much around me even seems familiar; no longer shrouded in the dark shadows of despair.

This gift I have received I could never have earned. It was strong enough to pierce the darkness of a thousand heartbreaks. It was filled with enough love to break through the walls of self-loathing and hate. It was precious enough to pay the ransom for my freedom. It was bought with a price that will keep me the rest of my days and beyond.

Darkness still comes, but now with this wonderful light inside me, the Son is always shining.

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