The Holy Spirit brought to my mind today the picture of Jesus holding a little lamb in His arms.
I kept that image in my mind all day.
So many times, in my life I have felt like that little lamb when the LORD has had to carry me through the difficult times in my life.
I remember well the suffering. I remember the pain and emptiness of the darkest hours.
I was often ashamed of being the broken and weak one, when others seemed so strong.
I questioned God at times asking if He was punishing me for something. I could not understand why He did not treat me more gently, and why I seemed to be given pain instead of peace when I needed it most.
As I thought on this, God began to speak to my heart:
“The little lamb is you Todd! You were wounded, hurting and suffering. I took you up into My arms and bound up your wounds.
I soothed you with My Healing Hands. I held you so close to me while you were crying out in pain.
You didn’t always know I was there, but I held you with such tender care.
I gave you strength and love through it all. And so many times, I just loved holding you tightly because I wanted you near me.
It is only my injured lambs that I strengthen like this. For the sleek and strong I will destroy.
The weak ones, I have laid down my life for. Do not ever be ashamed to be the weak one, for my strength is made perfect in your weakness.
I have held you right next to my heart as we walked through all the trials. So close you could hear my heartbeat and know my voice when you stilled yourself to listen.
So close that you would always know my voice, and I will always know you. Nothing can separate you from me now.
I have always been your good shepherd.
I sit at the center of the throne where I will be your shepherd throughout all eternity.
———– Lord I thank you tonight! ———–
“Thank you for allowing me to see that being the broken one, made me Your treasure. I am so thankful that I needed you Lord more than others needed you.
Your strength has truly been made perfect in my weakness, and you kept me through it all. You are the Holy Lamb of God! You are worthy of all praise my good shepherd, and I give you all the glory!”

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  1. John Day

    This speaks to where I am right now, and the second time today I have seen the message to not be ashamed to be weak. I struggle with that.

    Thanks for the writing.