17 a Tribute to Pastor JR Camfield our mentor

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In this special episode, we pay tribute to our beloved mentor, Pastor JR Camfield. He recently passed away, leaving behind him a legacy of ministry and hope. We miss him terribly. There has never been such a selfless servant, who sought God with his whole heart.  I’m sure he heard “Well done good and faithful servant.”  and is hanging out with Jesus riding on his Harley on streets of gold

We did an interview with about 11 years ago about how to hear God’s voice.  We urge you to take the time to listen to it. It will change your life.

Farewell Pastor, or should i say until we meet again.

a large auditorium with lots of people walking around, most of them wearing motorcycle colors and a open casket in the backgroud


A video of Pastor JR and Carol talking about the work the Seed  of Abraham Motorcycle Club is doing along with the other Christian Biker Clubs



The devotional method we use

Youversion. A free online Bible program, that has tons of reading plans and devotionals. They have apps for both Apple and Android devices.


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