Michael Blaes

Michael has writing for over 20 years. After taking a creative writing class in college, he realized that God had given him the unique ability to communicate using poetry. He currently resides in New Mexico with his wife Teresa and his daughter Mandy. He is also the producer of the Unresolved Life Podcast

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Salt and Light

There are a lot of people that will never consider darkening the door of Today’s churches. Why because they have been hurt by So called Christians who look down their nose and judge them for their appearance or their actions. We must not judge them. We cannot look at them with the “Christian” lens” They…


Memories What purpose? Some painful Some pleasant Even a few instructive Some just a flash in the night Still they shape you Mold you into something Sometimes not pleasant Gray hairs the evidence Of painful lessons long completed So Easy to look behind Regretful heart the remnants Looking forward to heavenly bliss

I’m Not Ready for Christmas

m not ready for Christmas for the glam and commercial gleam for the smells of baking pumpkin pies for the fake santa at the mall I’m not ready for Christmas for Carolers in the cold awaiting hot chocolate bliss for candy canes and silver lanes aglow For cold Egg Nog with just a touch of…

Angels on Watch

See him hanging high on a tree Powerless it seems Defeated beaten and alone I and my legion on watch above Waiting for his distress call We’ll step in and bear him home I can’t take it anymore Lord let me loose, And I’ll slay your enemies I’ll make them pay They hurt your son…