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John is a very blessed man who lives with his beautiful wife, Karen. He teaches private music lessons and she tutors math. We are both Christians, and want to share our creative gifts to minister to people in the name of Jesus. We have a ministry called Creative Hearts Ministries.

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Set the Prisoner Free

e Set the Prisoner Free Sometimes we feel trapped and we don’t know what to do. It may be something we did that caused our current situation to lock us in our own personal prison. On the other hand, it could be somebody else’s mistake, and we didn’t see it coming, or didn’t knowhow to…


Approved! We all want to be approved by others for what we do, what we say, and a thousand other criteria. We want people to like us and to tell us we are going good, by one standard or another. We want people to tell us that we look good, are good at what we…

True Friends

  True Friends “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” – Pr. 18:24 For some of you, this writing will be troublesome, though it is meant to be encouraging. As with last week, I will be using a song as a springboard. I wrote “God is Not a Child Abuser” many years…

From Anger to Freedom – Let it Go

From Anger to Freedom – Let it go. In the next few writings, I am going to use the lyrics to songs that reflect our struggles and our solution to some unresolved issues in our lives. The first song is called “Let it Go” (not the one from the Disney movie “Frozen”!) “Sometimes, Lord, I…


Blocked There are a lot of ways we can feel blocked from making progress in life. We want to move forward with any number of things – projects, career, relationships, finances, health. We want to grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, and in many other areas. All of these are unresolved issues and needs. These…